My name is Oren Epshtain and i’m an aspiring documentary photographer.
As you can see, my main passion is culture and ethnographic photography but i’m also very open to other photography styles as well.

I was born in February 20th, 1986 in Russia. When i was 5 years old i migrated with my parents to Israel and i live there ever since.

I am very open minded and always let my creativity guide me whenever i approach a photography/design task.

I am also a part-time graphic designer and an amateur digital painter and pencil-drawings artist. My main direction though is always and will always be photography. I shoot with Canon 7D.

Currently (2010-2011) I’m about to start my Bachelors degree in Business-Management¬†and Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I’m always eager to learn new techniques regarding what i’m hoping to be my full-time profession – Photography.

After finishing my degree i will study in a 1 year photography program in hope to become a better professional.

My career goal is to work for Travel magazines like National Geographic or travel literature companies like Lonely Planet etc.

I am open for new assignments and you can contact me through the contact page here at my website.