• Chinese muslim woman Chinese muslim woman

    At the muslim quarter market in Xining, China.

  • Mongolian Grandpa Mongolian Grandpa
  • The horseman’s boy The horseman’s boy
  • Small talk at the Naadam Small talk at the Naadam
  • Riding the Mongolian steppe Riding the Mongolian steppe

    Picture was taken during the Naadam Festival in one of the villages near Ulaanbaatar.

  • Gathering Wool – Ngari, Tibet. Gathering Wool – Ngari, Tibet.
  • Children of the Ngari, Tibet. Children of the Ngari, Tibet.
  • Tibetan man , the Ngari Tibetan man , the Ngari

    Few people inhabit the Ngari – the forsaken lands of the western plateau. Its really a shame that people who visit Tibet usually dont go here, because the Ngari is the best place to see real authentic nomadic Tibetan culture.

  • Around mount Kailash Around mount Kailash

    If you’ll take a look at the Tibet Lonely Planet book, you’ll notice I’ve tried to shoot a replica of the cover image. I ended up doing my own version of it.

  • Tibetan Spoon kid Tibetan Spoon kid
  • Alone in the wasteland Alone in the wasteland

    This boy and his father just came out of nowhere and started to stare at us and just get very interested in us.

  • Tibetan kids Tibetan kids

    Those 2 kids saw us stopping to rest a little bit and immediately ran to us and started just staring at us.

  • Nun studies holy scripts Nun studies holy scripts
  • Tibetan Children Tibetan Children

    I absolutely love to photograph children. They can show emotions in a very graceful and pure way, a way that escapes from us the adults.

  • Debating Monks 5 Debating Monks 5

    The monks debating. Sera monastery, Tibet.

  • Debating Monks 4 Debating Monks 4

    This time i caught the “leader monk” trying really hard to present a question for debate to his fellow monks. Its absolutely amazing what a big meaning, those debates are for them.

  • Debating Monks 3 Debating Monks 3

    The monks debating. Sera monastery, Tibet. This monk seemed like he is the “leader” amongst his friends so i followed more with him.

  • Debating Monks 2 Debating Monks 2

    The monks debating. Sera monastery, Tibet.

  • Debating Monks 1 Debating Monks 1

    The monks debating. Sera monastery, Tibet.

  • At the Barkhor square At the Barkhor square

    One of the most spiritually and photographically inspiring places on earth – the Barkhor Sqaure in Lhasa, Tibet. This shot was taken there.

  • Tibetan old woman Tibetan old woman

    Shot was taken in my first day in Lhasa, Tibet.

  • Tibetan Girl Tibetan Girl

    This gorgeous tibetan woman works at the “Lete Youth Hostel” which is based in Xining, China.

  • Curious Chinese boy Curious Chinese boy

    This kid literally shouted at me to take his picture, so when i finally approached him he suddenly started to get shy, but still remained in a good stance for the photo, so here ya go kid! Thanks for the photo.

  • a Chinese Kid a Chinese Kid

    This picture was taken at the market in the Muslim quarter in the city of Xining which is the capital of Qinghai province in China.

  • The Tibetan Monk The Tibetan Monk

    This monk sat outside of the tashilumpo monastery in Shigatse, Tibet. He had the most strange expression on his face that really appealed to me, so i asked for permission and then took the picture, i also gave him some money after because i really could relate to his strange emotion-emitting look. If i had to express his face-expression using words, i would probably say “crazy sorrow. kind of a deep sorrow mixed with raw shyness, like of a small kid.” This is my favorite photo of them all.